Welcome to Canobie Lake Park's Reservation System.

This FREE Reservation is the 1st part of a 2-part process. You must secure a reservation date and entry time in order to use the Admission Tickets/Passes you already have or are going to purchase at Canobie.com. Once you have completed this Reservation process, you are ready to come to Canobie Lake Park with your FREE Reservation(s) and Admission Tickets/Passes. If you do not have an Admission Ticket/Pass already, you will need to purchase one online at Canobie.com. No Tickets/Passes will be sold onsite.


FREE Reservation
Please select as many Reservations as you will need to match the number of people in your party. You will be able to reserve your day and time of arrival, based on availability, on the next page. Please note BOTH a Reservation AND a valid Admission Ticket/Pass will be required for each person entering the facility.